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Is your wardrobe looking a little blah? 
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Short sleeves
You can make a new outfit tomorrow, no matter what temperature it is!
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Fall Wardrobe Prep!

You might be ready for fall weekend plans, but is your wallet?  Start prepping for fall's pre-season and sell your style to Plato's Closet!  Earn CASH for your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can fund this season's highlight events and have money leftover.

MOST WANTED ITEMS:   Athletic Wear  - Shoes - Sweatshirts - Long Sleeve Tops - Guy's Stuff - Boots

September 2014 - Plato's Closet Labels Commercial 
September 2014 - Plato's Closet Labels Commercial


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Athletic wear, dresses, shoes, boots and purses are a few of our top-sellers right now.

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